Statewide Metrics on Registered Voters

Total Voters: 15,784,143

The following are metrics on the current voter rolls for the State of Florida. This includes breakdowns by party, age, birthdate, and gender. Click on county names to drill down to county- and city- specific data.

Party Affiliation

🫏 Democratic5,255,519 (33.3%)
🐘 Republican5,742,374 (36.4%)
🗳️ Other Parties 354,144 (2.2%)
Unaffiliated 4,432,106 (28.1%)


👩 Female8,210,955 (52.0%)
👨 Male7,167,131 (45.4%)
👤 Unknown 406,057 (2.6%)


Greatest Generation22,373 (0.1%)
Silent Generation1,463,817 (9.3%)
Baby Boomers4,766,044 (30.2%)
Gen X3,754,638 (23.8%)
Millennials3,472,861 (22.0%)
Gen Z2,224,745 (14.1%)

Astrological Sign

Capricorn1,301,306 (8.2%)
Aquarius1,221,130 (7.7%)
Pisces1,229,914 (7.8%)
Aries1,229,969 (7.8%)
Taurus1,268,370 (8.0%)
Gemini1,283,404 (8.1%)
Cancer1,332,996 (8.4%)
Leo1,431,168 (9.1%)
Virgo1,432,020 (9.1%)
Libra1,369,538 (8.7%)
Scorpio1,309,407 (8.3%)
Sagittarius1,295,256 (8.2%)

Common Last Names

RODRIGUEZ25,918 (0.164%)
SMITH23,278 (0.147%)
GONZALEZ18,178 (0.115%)
WILLIAMS14,734 (0.093%)
JOHNSON13,889 (0.088%)
PEREZ13,085 (0.083%)
GARCIA13,030 (0.083%)
HERNANDEZ11,479 (0.073%)
BROWN10,261 (0.065%)
MARTINEZ9,806 (0.062%)

Common First Names

MARIA22,584 (0.143%)
JOSE17,649 (0.112%)
MICHAEL16,436 (0.104%)
JAMES13,556 (0.086%)
ROBERT12,043 (0.076%)
DAVID10,292 (0.065%)
JOHN9,476 (0.060%)
LUIS8,432 (0.053%)
WILLIAM8,174 (0.052%)
CARLOS7,921 (0.050%)

Breakdown by County

Alachua County200,149 voters
Baker County19,090 voters
Bay County140,630 voters
Bradford County18,901 voters
Brevard County499,359 voters
Broward County1,335,453 voters
Calhoun County8,677 voters
Charlotte County172,089 voters
Citrus County132,336 voters
Clay County177,906 voters
Collier County282,101 voters
Columbia County47,446 voters
Miami-Dade County1,612,951 voters
Desoto County19,054 voters
Dixie County11,363 voters
Duval County711,726 voters
Escambia County250,601 voters
Flagler County107,231 voters
Franklin County9,004 voters
Gadsden County31,930 voters
Gilchrist County12,733 voters
Glades County7,788 voters
Gulf County11,838 voters
Hamilton County8,573 voters
Hardee County13,733 voters
Hendry County22,123 voters
Hernando County159,960 voters
Highlands County74,476 voters
Hillsborough County1,021,315 voters
Holmes County12,468 voters
Indian River County138,989 voters
Jackson County31,418 voters
Jefferson County10,552 voters
Lafayette County4,733 voters
Lake County304,424 voters
Lee County564,307 voters
Leon County226,622 voters
Levy County33,458 voters
Liberty County4,678 voters
Madison County12,462 voters
Manatee County311,036 voters
Monroe County63,314 voters
Marion County299,330 voters
Martin County128,732 voters
Nassau County84,289 voters
Okaloosa County172,804 voters
Okeechobee County24,486 voters
Orange County935,886 voters
Osceola County282,020 voters
Palm Beach County1,076,318 voters
Pasco County446,228 voters
Pinellas County751,469 voters
Polk County543,924 voters
Putnam County54,348 voters
Santa Rosa County165,739 voters
Sarasota County376,853 voters
Seminole County362,264 voters
St Johns County246,360 voters
St Lucie County263,503 voters
Sumter County128,286 voters
Suwannee County30,665 voters
Taylor County13,679 voters
Union County7,749 voters
Volusia County442,189 voters
Wakulla County25,638 voters
Walton County64,063 voters
Washington County18,324 voters

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