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Voter IDNameAddressPartyAge
MRN 105746006ALLEN PHILLIP MICHAEL4651 SW 106TH PL OCALA 34476Republican Party of Florida37
VOL 108470246Andrews Michael Lawrence3420 Juniper DR Edgewater 32141Republican Party of Florida48
MRN 105750148BADIA MICHAEL PHILLIP4281 SW 121ST TER OCALA 34481Republican Party of Florida65
MRN 105750313BARRETT MICHAEL JOHN5871 NW 61ST CT OCALA 34482Libertarian Party of Florida42
MRN 105749281BRANDON MICHAEL PAUL19874 SW 57TH ST DUNNELLON 34431Republican Party of Florida39
MRN 105747538BREEN MICHAEL PATRICK2900 NE 145TH TER SILVER SPRINGS 34488Florida Democratic Party69
MRN 105750322BRENNAN MICHAEL EDWARD2020 SE 29TH ST OCALA 34471Republican Party of Florida54
MRN 105746381BRIGGS KERRY MICHAEL17970 SE 115TH CIR SUMMERFIELD 34491No Party Affiliation79
FLA 119214837BURROWS BENJAMIN MICHAEL25 RED BIRCH LN PALM COAST 32164Republican Party of Florida31
MRN 105749944CARAVETTA CHARLES MICHAEL1845 NE 91ST PL ANTHONY 32617Republican Party of Florida86
MRN 105752066CARLISLE MICHAEL E3431 NE 164TH PL CITRA 32113No Party Affiliation45
MRN 105746458CLARKE JAMES MICHAEL16365 SE 81ST CT SUMMERFIELD 34491No Party Affiliation54
MRN 105753007DAHL MICHAEL D4679 NW 45TH CT OCALA 344827843Florida Democratic Party65
MRN 105754243DEAN MICHAEL D2646 NE 49TH PL OCALA 34479Republican Party of Florida54
MRN 105745559DEBAUTTE MICHAEL BRANDON2015 SE 34TH ST OCALA 34471Florida Democratic Party39
MRN 105750482DEMPSEY MICHAEL ALEXANDER15 OLIVE DR OCALA 34472Republican Party of Florida37
MRN 105751332DIETTE MICHAEL DAVID357 SE 90TH ST OCALA 34480No Party Affiliation51
MRN 105748480DILLINGHAM MICHAEL REILLY4226 NE 13TH ST OCALA 34470No Party Affiliation39
DUV 123579144Duchaussee Andrew Michael8685 Baymeadows Rd E APT 216 Jacksonville 322561906Florida Democratic Party26
MRN 105750878ETHRIDGE MICHAEL TYLER1299 SE 65TH CIR OCALA 34472Republican Party of Florida37
MRN 105753931FILLEY CHAD MICHAEL5036 SW 1ST AVE OCALA 34471Republican Party of Florida46
MRN 105749546FOULI MICHAEL ANDREW8171 SW 204TH CT DUNNELLON 34431Florida Democratic Party65
MRN 105746068FREENEY MICHAEL E14457 SW 41ST TER OCALA 34473Florida Democratic Party53
MRN 105748781FUSCO MICHAEL JOSEPH4779 SE 34TH TER OCALA 34480No Party Affiliation38
MRN 105748187GALBUSIERI MICHAEL RAYMOND580 SW 145TH ST OCALA 34473Republican Party of Florida47
MRN 105753026GARCIA MICHAEL A3275 NW 100TH ST OCALA 34475Republican Party of Florida70
MRN 105753003GARY MICHAEL SHANE5641 SE 22ND ST OCALA 34480Republican Party of Florida46
MRN 105755412GLESSING MICHAEL DANIEL19411 N HWY 441 MICANOPY 32667Republican Party of Florida58
MRN 105745283GLICK MICHAEL D3980 SE 140TH LN SUMMERFIELD 34491Republican Party of Florida78
MRN 105746229GRAVOIS URIAH MICHAEL2085 NW 186TH LN CITRA 32113Florida Democratic Party41
MRN 105748598GREENSTEIN WILLIAM MICHAEL16455 NW 165TH ST WILLISTON 32696Florida Democratic Party62
DUV 126831841Gregg Michael Demorest7939 Patou DR S Jacksonville 32210Florida Democratic Party68
ESC 132206003HALL CAMERON MICHAEL6199 CARDINAL COVE LN PENSACOLA 32504Republican Party of Florida26
MRN 105753097HAMBY TONY MICHAEL137 SE 13TH AVE OCALA 34471Republican Party of Florida47
MRN 105746283HART MICHAEL JEFFREY1112 SE 15TH AVE OCALA 34471Republican Party of Florida40
MRN 105749910HERMAN DAVID MICHAEL11901 SE 72ND TERRACE RD BELLEVIEW 34420Florida Democratic Party41
MRN 105749153HOEL AARON MICHAEL1850 SE 18TH AVE UNIT 702 OCALA 34471No Party Affiliation40
MRN 105755031HUNNICUTT KENNITH MICHAEL10913 SW 85TH TER OCALA 34481Republican Party of Florida68
MRN 105747044JENSEN MICHAEL24 HEMLOCK CIR OCALA 34472Florida Democratic Party62
MRN 105750659JOHNSON AARON MICHAEL DAVID5121 SE 38TH ST OCALA 34480Republican Party of Florida40
MRN 105749169JOHNSON MICHAEL CALDWELL6432 NE 3RD ST OCALA 34470Republican Party of Florida53
MRN 105753599JOHNSON MICHAEL PAUL28 NE 28TH AVE OCALA 34470Libertarian Party of Florida52
MRN 105753103JORDAN BRIAN MICHAEL4600 NE 105TH PL ANTHONY 32617Republican Party of Florida54
MRN 105754123KIMBLEY MICHAEL I8900 SE 157TH PL SUMMERFIELD 344919614No Party Affiliation45
HIL 132041968Kuproski Paul Michael1454 HARBOUR WALK RD Tampa 33602Independent Party of Florida58
MRN 105749933LENTZ MICHAEL S4490 NE 138TH PL ANTHONY 32617Republican Party of Florida51
MRN 105754048LESSARD MICHAEL P9625 SW 67TH TER OCALA 34476Republican Party of Florida51
LEO 125876280MAHAN MICHAEL DAVID5785 PINE PARK CIR TALLAHASSEE 32304Republican Party of Florida61
MRN 105751428MATTHEWS MICHAEL G13080 SE 122ND PL OCKLAWAHA 32179Republican Party of Florida70
MRN 105753727MEREDITH MICHAEL JAMES144 JUNIPER TRL OCALA 34480Republican Party of Florida39
MRN 105746808MEYERS RYAN MICHAEL3113 SE 24TH TER OCALA 34471Republican Party of Florida37
MRN 105755439MITCHELL MICHAEL JOSEPH30 NW 137TH TER OCALA 34482Republican Party of Florida59
HIL 130409932Murphy Joseph Michael5104 Jackel Chase DR Wimauma 33598Republican Party of Florida72
MRN 105745046NELSON ANDREW MICHAEL29 PECAN PASS TER OCALA 34472Florida Democratic Party39
MRN 105755239NELSON MICHAEL JOHN4325 NE 2ND CT OCALA 34479Republican Party of Florida40
IND 105808792Nohejl Michael Andrew401 ARROWHEAD TRL INDIAN RIVER SHORES 32963Republican Party of Florida75
MRN 105749822OUANO MICHAEL P2403 SW 20TH CT OCALA 34471Republican Party of Florida55
MRN 105749577OWEN DUSTIN MICHAEL2310 SE 12TH ST OCALA 34471Republican Party of Florida44
MRN 105752891PAASCHE MICHAEL BRANDON3031 SW 34TH TER OCALA 34474Republican Party of Florida45
MRN 105754951PARKER MICHAEL G210 NW 47TH PL OCALA 34475Republican Party of Florida59
MRN 105751807PARSONS MICHAEL WILLIAM3920 E FORT KING ST OCALA 34470No Party Affiliation55
MRN 105755501PATRICK MICHAEL DEAN5432 SW 88TH PL OCALA 34476No Party Affiliation56
MRN 105745669PENNUTO MICHAEL LOUIS4711 SE 17TH AVE OCALA 34480Republican Party of Florida66
MRN 105750507POPP MICHAEL D1875 NW 46TH LN OCALA 34475Republican Party of Florida66
MRN 105747534PRISCIANDARO MICHAEL J4232 SE 6TH PL OCALA 34471Republican Party of Florida47
MRN 105747363REILLY MICHAEL T17761 SE 115TH CT SUMMERFIELD 34491No Party Affiliation79
MRN 105746598REINERT CHAD MICHAEL4500 SW 169TH PL OCALA 34473Republican Party of Florida44
MRN 105751858RETTA MICHAEL19465 SE 93RD PL OCKLAWAHA 32179Republican Party of Florida64
MRN 105754007ROBERTS MICHAEL L3802 NE 19TH STREET CIR OCALA 34470No Party Affiliation62
MRN 105755778ROBERTSON MICHAEL RAY1032 NE 40TH AVE OCALA 34470Republican Party of Florida72
MRN 105750408RODRIGUEZ MICHAEL9649 SW 46TH TER OCALA 34476Florida Democratic Party67
MRN 105754110RYAN MICHAEL1162 NE 51ST LOOP OCALA 34479Republican Party of Florida55
MRN 105754072SCALLATINO MICHAEL77 REDWOOD RD OCALA 34472Republican Party of Florida53
MRN 105754712SEDLACEK MICHAEL JOSEPH505 BAHIA CIRCLE LN OCALA 34472Florida Democratic Party48
MRN 105754132SHARP MICHAEL JUSTIN7800 SE 147TH PL SUMMERFIELD 34491Republican Party of Florida40
MRN 105744977SHERWOOD RYAN MICHAEL7219 SE 12TH CIR OCALA 34480Republican Party of Florida52
MRN 105746447SMITH MICHAEL ANTHONY33 HEMLOCK RADIAL CIR OCALA 34472Florida Democratic Party38
MRN 105750279SMITH MICHAEL G5920 NW 62ND PL OCALA 34482Republican Party of Florida56
STL 123118269STABILE ANTHONY MICHAEL765 SW HIBISCUS ST PT ST LUCIE 34983Republican Party of Florida26
MRN 105750419THOMAS MICHAEL ARTHUR8594 SW 61ST CT OCALA 34476Republican Party of Florida80
MRN 105753791TIDD MICHAELE E9934 SW 202ND CIR DUNNELLON 34431Florida Democratic Party37
MRN 105746695TRAVERS MICHAEL J10720 SW 62ND TER OCALA 34476No Party Affiliation74
MRN 105746456TURNER MICHAEL1839 SE 12TH AVE OCALA 34471Republican Party of Florida37
MRN 105755028TURNER MICHAEL A16735 SE 99TH AVE SUMMERFIELD 34491No Party Affiliation47
MRN 105749939VANDALEY MICHAEL R5515 SW 80TH PL OCALA 34476Republican Party of Florida77
MRN 105754339WALDRON MICHAEL D SR20525 NE HWY 315 FORT MC COY 32134Republican Party of Florida67
MRN 105754906WALKER MICHAEL TRENTON1525 SE 43RD TER OCALA 34471Florida Democratic Party40
MRN 105755446WARD DAVID MICHAEL13525 SW 113TH LN DUNNELLON 34432No Party Affiliation48
MRN 105750175WARNOCH MICHAEL D8783 SE 60TH AVE OCALA 34472No Party Affiliation40
MRN 105755805WEBER MICHAEL J10451 SE 148TH ST SUMMERFIELD 34491Republican Party of Florida66
MRN 105744960WHALEN MICHAEL FRANCIS462 FAIRWAYS CIR UNIT D101 OCALA 34472No Party Affiliation76
MRN 105745694WICKER JAMES MICHAEL13801 S HWY 301 SUMMERFIELD 34491Republican Party of Florida71
MRN 105747177WILLIAMS MICHAEL ALAN3697 SE 19TH AVE OCALA 34471Republican Party of Florida63
MRN 105747539WINFREY MICHAEL RAY14197 SE 53RD AVE SUMMERFIELD 34491Republican Party of Florida59
MRN 105747621WORDEN MICHAEL PRICE3703 SE 59TH PL OCALA 34480Republican Party of Florida54
HIL 132337290Younan Michael4400 W SPRUCE ST APT 409 Tampa 33607Republican Party of Florida25
MRN 105747135YOUNICA MICHAEL15008 SW 35TH CIR OCALA 34473Republican Party of Florida66

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