Voter Registration Info

Adele Fort Kirkpatrick
3484 Chickasaw CIR Greenacres, FL33467

PAL 112114224

Demographic & Registration Data

Adele Kirkpatrick is a White, not Hispanic female and is 89 years old.

She is an Active voter not affiliated with a party.

Contact Information

Physical Address

3484 Chickasaw CIR
Greenacres, FL 33467

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Voter History

DateElection TypeBallot
2020-11-03Generalvoted by mail
2020-08-18Primaryvoted at polls
2020-03-17Presidential Preference Primaryvoted by mail
2018-11-06Generalvoted by mail
2018-08-28Primaryvoted by mail
2016-11-08Generalvoted by mail
2016-08-30Primaryvoted by mail
2016-03-15Presidential Preference Primaryvoted by mail
2014-11-04Generalvoted by mail
2014-08-26Primaryvoted by mail
2013-03-12Othervoted by mail
2012-11-06Generalvoted by mail
2012-08-14Primaryvoted by mail
2012-01-31Presidential Preference Primaryvoted by mail
2011-06-28Othervoted by mail
2011-03-08Othervoted by mail
2010-11-02Generalvoted by mail
2010-08-24Primaryvoted by mail
2008-11-04Generalvoted at polls
2008-08-26Primaryvoted by mail
2008-06-24Othervoted at polls
2008-03-11Othervoted at polls
2008-01-29Presidential Preference Primaryvoted by mail
2007-03-13Othervoted at polls
2006-11-07Generalvoted at polls
2006-09-05Primaryvoted at polls
2006-03-14Othervoted at polls

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