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Voter IDNameAddressPartyAge
MRN 105742461ACOSTA MARY JO10752 SW 66TH CT OCALA 34476Republican Party of Florida68
MRN 105741533ANDERSON ANGELA MARIE16336 NE 153RD LN FORT MC COY 32134Republican Party of Florida45
MRN 105743868APPLEBEE ANNA MARIE1801 NW 28TH AVE OCALA 34475Republican Party of Florida69
MRN 105743910ASHLEY LISA MARIE2 WALNUT PL OCALA 34480Republican Party of Florida54
MRN 105739662BEITIA LISA MARIE8426 SW 136TH LOOP OCALA 34473Republican Party of Florida37
MRN 105743992BOGACKI MARY ANN9029 SW 103RD AVE OCALA 34481Florida Democratic Party62
MRN 105745113BOWEN JANET MARIE2063 SE 37TH COURT CIR OCALA 34471Republican Party of Florida38
PAL 132350771Bowser Stephanie Marie134 Easthampton F West Palm Beach 33417Independent Party of Florida60
POL 124745691Brown Alicia Marie5905 Whispering Pines RD Lakeland 33811Republican Party of Florida31
PIN 115567795BROWN LINDA MARIE1774 HAMPTON LN PALM HARBOR 34683Florida Democratic Party50
MRN 105743758BROWN STEPHANIE MARIE8236 SE 110TH STREET RD BELLEVIEW 34420Republican Party of Florida38
MRN 105741747BUERGE MARY T10935 SW 86TH AVE OCALA 34481Florida Democratic Party77
MRN 105738208BUSS MARY A5450 SW 81ST ST OCALA 34476Florida Democratic Party62
MRN 105743567CAMMARANO KATHRYN MARIE8637 SE 166TH BIRCHBROOK LOOP THE VILLAGES 32162Republican Party of Florida72
MRN 105745001CARR VERONICA MARIE11691 NW 19TH LN OCALA 34482Republican Party of Florida47
MRN 105744251CHAPMAN CHRISTINE MARIE12916 SW 64TH STREET RD OCALA 34481Florida Democratic Party50
MRN 105743455COLE MARY C6459 SW 81ST ST OCALA 34476Republican Party of Florida82
MRN 105742223COVIELLO TINA MARIE2213 NE 36TH ST OCALA 34479Independent Party of Florida60
MRN 105742739CROCKER RUTH MARY9840 SW 89TH TER UNIT B OCALA 34481Republican Party of Florida83
MRN 105739578CROSIER MARY6970 SW 97TH PL OCALA 34476No Party Affiliation71
MRN 105744768DAVIS KARA MARIE109 LARCH RD OCALA 34480Florida Democratic Party60
MRN 105738094DAVIS MARIE-FRANCES C9497 NW 60TH AVE OCALA 34482No Party Affiliation49
MRN 105739269DEANGELO KATHLEEN MARY17121 SE 76TH CREEKSIDE CIR THE VILLAGES 32162Republican Party of Florida76
PAL 103805642Deem Tabitha Marie3874 W Sandpiper DR APT 10 Boynton Beach 33436Republican Party of Florida44
MRN 105740266DEFAZIO MARY SUSAN3145 NE 95TH ST ANTHONY 32617Republican Party of Florida66
MRN 105739404DELIA MARY C5431 NE 35TH ST UNIT 84 SILVER SPRINGS 34488Republican Party of Florida77
ORA 130751757DENNARD LA'NAISJHA JA'MARIE601 W LIVINGSTON ST ORLANDO 32801Republican Party of Florida19
MRN 105742732DEROCHEA MARY E3788 SW DOLPHIN ST DUNNELLON 34431No Party Affiliation75
MRN 105738386DILLION KATHLEEN MARY8505 NE 310TH AVE FORT MC COY 32134Green Party of Florida64
MRN 105743262DIPILLO JANICE MARIE3625 SE 28TH CT OCALA 34471Republican Party of Florida53
MRN 105740783DOSPIVA JIRINA ANNA-MARIE18417 SW 66TH LOOP DUNNELLON 34432Republican Party of Florida78
MRN 105741586DUFFIELD RITA MARIE15310 SE 90TH CT SUMMERFIELD 34491Republican Party of Florida78
MRN 105744958DUGAS TRACY MARIE5632 SW 50TH CT OCALA 34474Republican Party of Florida41
MRN 105742718EDWARDS JEAN MARIE23230 NE 154TH CT FORT MC COY 32134Republican Party of Florida59
MRN 105744816ELAND MICHELLE MARIE720 NE 43RD ST OCALA 34479Florida Democratic Party70
MRN 105740685EMERY LISA MARIE13266 SW 78TH CIR OCALA 34473Republican Party of Florida56
PIN 107054718ENDERS CHARLOTTE MARIE300 S WALTON AVE #1 TARPON SPRINGS 34689Republican Party of Florida73
MRN 105744797FINK KATHARINE MARIE711 NE 48TH AVENUE RD OCALA 34470Republican Party of Florida37
MRN 105740532GOODMAN DAWN MARIE2100 SE 150TH ST SUMMERFIELD 34491Republican Party of Florida58
MRN 105738602GREEN JEANETTE MARIE15101 SE 156TH PLACE RD WEIRSDALE 32195No Party Affiliation50
SAN 132078364Guilmette Lynn Marie3547 Southwind DR Gulf Breeze 32563Republican Party of Florida53
MRN 105739675HAMMETT CHRISTINA MARIE1048 W HWY 329 CITRA 32113Republican Party of Florida38
MRN 105742198HANSEN CHRISTY MARIE5064 NE 2ND AVE OCALA 344797656Republican Party of Florida40
MRN 105744150HATHAWAY DEBORAH MARIE8831 SW 94TH LN UNIT H OCALA 34481Republican Party of Florida67
MRN 105741513HAWKINS DANA MARIE7258 CHERRY PASS OCALA 34472No Party Affiliation43
ORA 121167844HENDERSON TAYLOR MARIE600 E KALEY ST ORLANDO 32806No Party Affiliation26
MRN 105741109HENSLEY COLLEEN MARIE5171 SE 135TH PL SUMMERFIELD 34491Republican Party of Florida76
MRN 105741816HERNDON VICTORIA MARIE13295 SW 43RD CT OCALA 344732618Florida Democratic Party40
MRN 105742036HILL MARGARET MARY11665 SE 129TH LN OCKLAWAHA 32179Florida Democratic Party64
MRN 105739895HUNT MARY MARGARET9697 SE 170TH PL SUMMERFIELD 34491Republican Party of Florida70
MRN 105744265HURTEAU JEANNE MARIE15550 NE 150TH TER FORT MC COY 32134Florida Democratic Party70
MRN 105740621IANNUCCILLI MARY J21450 NW 106TH COURT RD MICANOPY 32667Florida Democratic Party77
POL 122661584Ibarra Santiago Yahaira Marie1135 Waterview BLVD W Lakeland 33801No Party Affiliation41
MRN 105744137JOHNS JOANNE MARIE2330 NE 41ST ST OCALA 344796511Florida Democratic Party51
POL 129948788Joiner Malinda Marie7261 Twin Cedar LN Lakeland 33810Republican Party of Florida49
MRN 105742543KINDRED MARY ELIZABETH20055 THE GRANADA DUNNELLON 34432Republican Party of Florida68
MRN 105739275KNOLL JEAN MARIE8500 SW 202ND TER DUNNELLON 34431No Party Affiliation65
MRN 105743684LARICKS MARY A6571 NE 2ND PL OCALA 34470Florida Democratic Party84
MRN 105741519LEE ELIZABETH MARIE904 NE 33RD ST OCALA 34479Republican Party of Florida56
MRN 105739632LEMAY BEVERLY MARIE11951 SE 128TH PLACE RD OCKLAWAHA 32179Republican Party of Florida57
MRN 105741897LIBBY KRISTA MARIE1812 SE 38TH AVE OCALA 34471Republican Party of Florida51
MRN 105743417LOHMAN LISA MARIE10860 SE 160TH COURT RD OCKLAWAHA 32179Republican Party of Florida40
MRN 105739419MANSKE MARY JANE5605 SW 88TH PL OCALA 34476No Party Affiliation48
MRN 105738914MARKS MARY MOSS2650 SE 18TH AVE UNIT 205 OCALA 34471Florida Democratic Party97
MRN 105742519MCCREARY JENNIFER MARIE11777 SW 60TH TER OCALA 34476Florida Democratic Party37
MRN 105744578MERKLING MARY K9160 SE 171ST ARGYLL ST THE VILLAGES 32162Republican Party of Florida85
MRN 105739506MERLO MARY JANE9378 SW 90TH CT UNIT D OCALA 34481Republican Party of Florida86
MRN 105742022MERRICK MARCIA MARIE6437 SE 7TH STREET RD OCALA 34472Florida Democratic Party66
MRN 105738595MICHELLI-LASTER AMBER MARIE16100 SE 27TH AVE SUMMERFIELD 34491Republican Party of Florida38
MRN 105739552MILLER MARY A6240 SW 84TH PL OCALA 34476Republican Party of Florida83
MRN 105743791MING LAURA MARIE3371 NE 132ND PL ANTHONY 32617Republican Party of Florida41
POL 117964059Mooney Jacqueline Marie1534 Hallam CT S Lakeland 33813No Party Affiliation32
MRN 105739171NELSON MARY A17067 SE 79TH CLEARVIEW AVE THE VILLAGES 32162No Party Affiliation82
MRN 105739332OBERLEY CAYCE MARIE14201 SW 101ST LN DUNNELLON 34432Florida Democratic Party39
MRN 105738633OREM MARGIE MARIE4515 SE 10TH PL OCALA 34471Republican Party of Florida59
MRN 105743874OWENS MARY LACY1334 NE 15TH ST OCALA 34470Republican Party of Florida83
MRN 105743056PADGETT MISTY MARIE777 NW 57TH CT OCALA 34482Florida Democratic Party40
MRN 105743390PERRECA MARIE12707 SE 90TH COURT RD SUMMERFIELD 34491Florida Democratic Party89
MRN 105742583PHILLIPS NICOLE MARIE8900 SE 19TH AVENUE RD OCALA 34480No Party Affiliation41
MRN 105744352POWERS LYNDA MARIE1855 SE 175TH TER SILVER SPRINGS 34488Republican Party of Florida55
MRN 105739165RAY DONNA MARIE9464 SW 97TH LN UNIT B OCALA 34481Republican Party of Florida85
MRN 105739487ROOT MERANDA MARIE2451 SE 156TH PLACE RD SUMMERFIELD 34491No Party Affiliation52
MRN 105739029RUMMEL MARY ANN14025 NW HWY 464B MORRISTON 32668Republican Party of Florida88
MRN 105744347SAWYER JOAN MARIE10070 SW 90TH AVE OCALA 34481Florida Democratic Party85
MRN 105743126SEEK ASHLEE MARIE3291 SW 17TH AVE OCALA 34471Republican Party of Florida44
MRN 105743976SHANNON MARY T11351 NW 8TH LN OCALA 34482Florida Democratic Party80
MRN 105740044SHINN MARY ANN1021 SE 28TH RD OCALA 34471No Party Affiliation65
MRN 105745000SPINELLI MARY ELAINE15853 S HWY 301 SUMMERFIELD 34491Florida Democratic Party81
MRN 105739347STETZER PATSY MARIE1570 SE 27TH ST UNIT F OCALA 344716050Florida Democratic Party82
MRN 105744086TAKACS ANNETTE MARIE8269 SE 176TH LAWSON LOOP THE VILLAGES 321622884Republican Party of Florida85
MRN 105741690THOMAS LEILA MARY4111 SE 31ST PL OCALA 34480No Party Affiliation77
MRN 105742112THOMAS MARY IVERNA25311 NE 139TH ST FORT MC COY 32134Republican Party of Florida96
MRN 105741925THORNTON ANN MARIE2090 SW 55TH STREET RD OCALA 34471Republican Party of Florida56
MRN 105745017TIERNAN-OGRADY MARY A2604 NE 16TH AVE OCALA 34470Florida Democratic Party74
MRN 105743012WALKER DONNA MARIE8 SPRING LOOP CIR OCALA 34472Republican Party of Florida57
MRN 105744356WALKER MARY C8339 SW 108TH LOOP OCALA 34481No Party Affiliation84
MRN 105742294WHITING MARY A14205 SE 35TH CT SUMMERFIELD 34491Republican Party of Florida60
MRN 105740590WINGER MARY EDITH8685 SW 94TH LN UNIT G OCALA 34481Republican Party of Florida74
MRN 105744881YAWN MARY B10650 NW HWY 320 MICANOPY 32667Florida Democratic Party68
MRN 105738782ZENO-CALDERON CARMEN MARIE3520 SW 24TH AVENUE RD OCALA 34471Florida Democratic Party72

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