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This property is classified as Residential (Vacant Residential).

The lot is 114127 square feet, the land value of which is assessed at .

There are None buildings on the property. This property has None residential units.

This property is valued at .

The legal description of this lot is: "THAT POR OF FORMER SEABOARD".

Flood Data

This property is partially within the A Zone (within floodplain). Approximately 2.88 acres (88.43%) of the property is within this zone.

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This information is sourced from the FEMA National Flood Hazard Layer. See our full disclamer.

Registered Voters

Search for "JAMES GROVES & RANCH INC" in Florida's Voter Registry.


Ownership Information

4230 S MACDILL AVE STE E # 224
TAMPA, FL 33611

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Street View

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