3120 SW 86 WAY

BELL, FL 32619

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This property is classified as Residential (Single Family).

The lot is 30591 square feet, the land value of which is assessed at .

There is one building on the property. This property has 1 residential units.

It was built in 1975.

This property is valued at .

The legal description of this lot is: "COM AT S END OF GOVT LOT 13".

Recent Sales

Sale DateSale PriceProperty TypeClerk Info
3 / 2012 Single Family Number 2012001381
3 / 2012 Single Family Number 2012001382
12 / 2011 Single Family Number 2011004492

Flood Data

This property is completely within the AE Zone (within floodplain).

A portion of this property is denoted as being within a floodway.

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This information is sourced from the FEMA National Flood Hazard Layer. See our full disclamer.

Registered Voters

Search for "DAVIS KENNETH R & ROBERTA L" in Florida's Voter Registry.


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3120 SW 86TH WAY
BELL, FL 32619

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