2559 NW 30 ST

BELL, FL 32619

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This property is classified as Residential (Single Family).

The lot is 261360 square feet, the land value of which is assessed at .

There is one building on the property. This property has 1 residential units.

It was built in 1975.

This property is valued at .

The legal description of this lot is: "BEG AT NW/C OF PROPT DESC IN".

Registered Voters

VoterAddressGenderBirth DatePartyStatus
McElroy, Ida Mae
(GIL 115852824)
2559 NW 30 ST
Bell, FL 32619
female 1941-03-13 Independence Party of Florida Active

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Source: Florida Division of Elections


Ownership Information

PO BOX 344
BELL, FL 32619

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